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August is always a super full month for me. It’s the month I gave birth twice and this year I’ve decided to add birthing new blog during my birth month. I had a blog at the beginning of my parenting journey as a way to keep my family in Botswana up to date with what was happening in our world as we grew as a family. The process was very enjoyable for me at the time and it turned into a place for me to also share what I was learning as an active, parent figuring out how to breastfeed, wear my baby, cloth diaper, run regularly, be a wife and all the other things that come with being a woman. Life happened and that had to come to an end. Now I’m in a new phase and ready to share again. This time with more awareness of who I am and my purpose in life. There are so many aspects of life that I’m continuously figuring out and with all of what happens in social media including the many filters that seem to slip into the real world, I decided to give this blogging thing another chance. 

My intention here is to share my process as I learn to actively access and share ways to access healing, joy and love. I figure this may be the best way to share all of the things I’m interested in without the pressure of having a THING. I’ve always been interested in and actively pursuing many things at once and as I started to grow a business I was often pushed to master one thing before moving into another. There seems to be so many aspects of my life that intersect so choosing that one THING has been a challenge and often the source of stress for me. So I’m accepting that at this time I have a few THINGS that I’m working with right now and they overlap but are also separate. 

I’m a woman first and am actively working through much of my stuff that has come with being a black woman in America for over three decades. Some of this work has included therapy, yoga, and journaling.  Most recently stillness has played a big part in my processing and I’ve been mostly process trust on many levels. Trusting myself is a major part of the process. There are so many levels to this I’ll have to share more later. Then there’s my parenting and figuring out how I am showing up and creating space for my children to access their authentic selves while being present  enough to learn to understand their emotions as they grow through life. Now let’s add in my commitment to the black family, specifically accessing healing that leads to healthy homes and families.  This part of me has led me to some of the healing practices mentioned above but also to me being a Chocolate Milk Cafe Facilitator (more on this in a future post) and and most recently the pursuit of a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health with the intention to be a perinatal and postpartum mental health specialist. 

WHEW!! Finally getting this out feels like a lot with a huge deep breath at the end. I share all of this to say, coming on this journey with me will include many parts of my process that will include many topics. You’ll likely be pushed to adjust some habits and explore some thoughts along the way. Some posts will be loaded and others will be quick, short and just something to sit with for a time. But it will all include what I’m learning and processing in the worlds of womanhood, mothering, traveling and probably money too. I welcome you on this journey and let’s learn, grow and share together. 

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