HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME😆 💫🙌🏾‼️ I’ve been doing so much work on myself and still finding it very hard to JUMP into the work I’d love to do in helping others. So in honor of ME and the greatness that has made me who I am today, I’m launching something new. Something I’ve been thinking, speaking and dreaming about for too long. What better way to celebrate me than to offer something to YOU.

Over the last 5 years I’ve realized some things I’m really good at and continue to help some of my closest friends with. Everything from talking through some parenting challenges, to money mindshifts, and planning events. In my own family, I’ve 

  • improved my relationship with both of my parents,
  • become a kinder parent, 
  • paid off over $25,000 worth of debt on a single income for my family of 3 while still having tons of fun and traveling,
  • opened up to love authentically, and 
  • manifested a life with all kinds of joy for my cubs and me. 

And now I want to help others access this same type of greatness. It all started with shifting my mindset. Let me be a part of that shift with you. I’ve thought so much about starting an accountability or wellness coaching group. A group where we come together each month to talk about challenges, successes, celebrations, and goals. An opportunity for me to share what I KNOW I know and help you stand proud in what you KNOW while taking action. 

Enough of me telling myself I need to know a little more, or I need one more certification, or one MORE person to work through this with. I’m ready to stand in my power and help others do the same. So at the end of January, I’d love you to join me for the first session of KUZIBA Joy, an accountability experience that will have us all accessing joy and celebrating the brilliance that is within. This will be an unfiltered opportunity for us to connect. There will be

  • some breathing exercises, 
  • journaling, 
  • sometimes movement and 
  • always chatting and motivation 

each month as we learn, grow and share together. It won’t always feel great while in it, BUT you will feel good knowing the greatness is never too far away.
Part of my hesitation is people feeling like they aren’t getting what they expected or paid for so sessions will start off as pay what you wish/donation based and let’s see where it takes us. If you are ready to welcome me into your journey, click here and zoom with me for the first session on Sunday, January 30 from 7-7:45pm. We will gather for KUZIBA JOY the last Sunday of each month through June 26.

Click the pic to register for this 6 month series that starts in January.

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  1. I love your intro. I’d like to be kept aware of events and programs that you offer. Thank you – keep shining!

    1. YAY! Be sure to sign up for blog alerts. I’ll be rebranding soon and more great things are coming!! Let’s grow TOGETHER!

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