Let’s Go 2022

HAPPINESS to you in the New Year!

In my 38 years here on earth, I’ve become more and more curious about myself, my purpose and my ancestors. I’m not always sure about my path but I’ve found comfort in my curiosity. What I’ve realized is that curiosity is one of my values. It’s often expressed outwardly but now has shifted to (or included) a more internal process. I’m finding that I’m drawn to more books about history. Honest history that I no longer feel the need to separate. This curiosity feels good at times, heavy other times and just confusing in other instances. But what I’ve learned to do is be with it and explore when I’m ready. The exploration never looks the same but tends to either lead me to more curiosity or some resolution. In the end what I’m noticing is that although I’m not ALWAYS comfortable with ME, I’m getting there and getting closer and closer to my highest self on a daily basis. What I’m looking forward to is being comfortable enough with ME that I am able to share more experiences in ways that lead others towards the similar comfort and knowledge of self that brings more joy. 

Over the last couple of years I’ve chosen a word to rock with through the year. This year it’s FREEDOM. I’ve been sitting with this for a while now. Financial freedom, time freedom, creative freedom…you get my drift. Exploring freedom lately has been an interesting thought process. So here’s to more freedom to be ME in 2022. 

Here’s what else is happening for me in my 38th year:

  • Have less than $50k in student loan debt
  • Switch to 3 more black owned household products 
  • Support my youth in their learning 
  • Be a kinder parent 
  • Be a more trusting partner
  • Create a business with confidence that will help others achieve their goals and access more joy, starting with KUZIBA Joy 😆

Let’s get it!

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