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My sistercousins and founders of BEM | books & more!

I’ve always said I don’t have that many people in my circle outside of my family. The more I sit with this statement the more I realize how meaningful EACH AND EVERYONE ONE of my relationships are. Over the last 10 years, my circle has shaped into EXACTLY what it needs to be. And when I say circle this includes anyone I’m consuming information and energy from or giving energy to. The circle includes people I know in real life and can call at any point in time. People who call me when they just want to say HEY (or need to chat through something), there are people who are friends or mentors in my head from podcasts/TEDTalks/YouTube and even thinking about my social media accounts. 

Let me pause there for a moment. We don’t always pay attention to how we consume information and energy and our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…accounts are full of people who are feeding us all kinds of STUFF (good or bad). So it’s EXTREMELY important that we are intentional about what we are consuming on a daily basis. Have you curated your social media accounts? When was the last time you did a cleansing of these accounts to possibly release those follows who have you feeling bad about YOU when you see them? No judgment on THEM but just an awareness for YOU. Can you get on your account and be uplifted in any given moment? I invite you to ponder on this and make a shift if you need to. 

Ok back to me and my circle now 😊. What I’ve noticed is that my circle has been very intentionally curated. I know who to call when I’m feeling low, when I’m feeling over the top with excitement, when I need to just have my ego stroked, or when I need that straight up in your face word of wisdom to get me back together. Those people who can sense my energy from my greeting and kind of know where the conversation needs to go. And I have people who simply inspire me to be great and take ACTION. You get my drift. 

This month I’m sharing an inspiring article that features my sistercousins! Two of the MOST IMPORTANT people in said circle 😆. Anyone who has grown up with cousins, understands the power of the connection between cousins.  I have checked my biases and am 100% sure that this is the most motivational article I’ve read so far this year. This article is specifically about reading goals, however I encourage you to apply some of the suggestions to your other 2022 goals. 

Danielle and Gabrielle Davenport are the owners of BEM | books & more, a store that sells food literature of the African Diaspora.  After reading the article, I immediately made some adjustments to get clarity and strengthen my plan to achieve some of my goals for this year. I’m hoping the article will do the same for you.  Here are a few highlights that stood out for me:

  1. Routines are KEY when working on goals.  “Establishing a routine is a great time to reach past the should-read and grab the want-to-read, instead.” ~Danielle Davenport
  2. Find what works for YOU rather than what you SHOULD be doing based on outside sources. “This year, I resolve to let myself drift in and out of a few books at a time. Who says you have to read one cover to cover before moving to the next? I want to let my reading flow with a bit less pressure.” ~Gabrielle Davenport
  3. Share your goal or what you’re looking for and ask someone for advice or suggestions. “We always get such joy from helping folks find what they’re looking for and introducing them to work they may not have known they were missing.” ~Danielle Davenport

Happy reading, goal setting, and winning in 2022!

Here’s what we’re currently reading in our home.

Books I’m reading with my boys right now. They are mostly read alouds. Since we’ve shifted to a freely evolving learning situation, we’ve been reading more together. Each of these lead to amazing conversations, new vocabulary and behaviors. We read The Instant Millionaire as a household. I read Sex is a Funny Word with them individually because of their age difference and they just respond very differently when they aren’t together. Revolution In Our Time: The Black Panther Party’s Promise to The People was a gift from Dee and Brie, who you read about above, and we read this WITH them (and others) via zoom. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on our reading adventures soon. So much comes up in each session.
Here’s what I’m reading on my own right now. I’ve kind of paused with My Grandmother’s Hands because there’s an activity that I just haven’t found the inner space to be in just yet. I’m respecting author’s STRONG suggestion to only move forward once activities have been done. The Joy of Healthy Living in Six Easy Steps was written by a sister-friend of mine. It’s such a great read and reminder of how simple it can be to make changes towards living a healthy life.

I’d love to hear from you (in the chat). What are you currently reading? How is it inspiring you? What other goals are you getting DONE currently?

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