Kuziba = To Know

I have now posted 8 times here in Kuziba and have yet to share what’s behind the name Kuziba. Kuziba is a Kalanga word meaning to know. I fell in love with it when I met a little girl in the mentorship program I supported as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana. 

For me the word continues to show up in my life. As a lifelong learner there are often times of me saying I need to know a little more about this or that. When I decided to start this blog back in August, I finally decided to move forward with what I KNOW now. I have so much information in me and so many experiences that I hope to share in a way that will help others access joy, good health, and black wealth. 

As I continue to heal, work on me and cultivate spaces for others to do the same, I stand in the power of knowing that I matter and can manifest the life that I want. So in the moments when I feel like I don’t know (fill in the blank), I’m reminded to stand in all that I know and continue to learn. Here are a few things that I know FO SHO!

  • I have the power to manifest the life I want and deserve.
  • Money is flowing abundantly.
  • I am worthy of all great things.
  • I’m helpful at supporting people on their lactation and breast/chestfeeding journey.
  • People take action towards living healthier, more joyFILLED lives when they work with me. 
  • Homeschooling my boys is challenging and we learn, grow, work through challenges, have fun, and remain curious daily. 
  • I am JILLIAN before anything else and I can tap into what brings me joy at any given moment. 
  • There’s a podcast in me just burning to get out. (I’ve been sitting with this for some time but it’s coming soo. I can feel it.)

I hope these are affirmations for some of you too. We are often pushed into a place of doubt. There’s no space for limiting beliefs when you are making moves with freedom. Last week I read through my 2022 intentions and goals to my dad and it was a helpful process. Writing them out and having them readily accessible are helpful in keeping me focused and reminded of the progress I’m making as I move through life. So when I begin to doubt myself and think I need to know just a little bit more I tap into KUZIBA and remind myself that everything I need to know is in ME. I just have to create time and space to tap in and flow. I invite you to do the same.

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