Grateful in April

Today, March 26, I enjoyed a beautiful “plan nothing day”. The best part of the day is I actually PLANNED NOTHING and did a lot of lounging without guilt. Transitions are challenging for me and moving from winter into spring can get really HEAVY. With the time change, more time to be outside, and an increase in activities for my boys I can get a bit overwhelmed. With the new awareness of my need to pause during a transition I actually planned a NO PLAN DAY. I mean I put it on my calendar and protected the day with every inch of everything in me. 

Here’s what I did today. Lounged, watched some TV with boys, a little CMC work, basketball with the boys and a bunch of reading writing. I also found my old blog learning life and it inspired me to pick back up on sharing gratitude. For the month of April I’ll share 30 days of Gratitude. 

April 1: gratitude for movie night with my hunny. Being long distnace requires some creativity so we have movie night and tonight we watched The Lovebirds. I’m also grateful for Zayd’s excitement for his very first golf lesson with through First Tee. He’s been asking for golf for a while and it just hasn’t worked out until now. He had a blast and the special bonus was having his Grand Aunt take him because in his words “that’s our thing.”

April 2: Today we celebrated my bonus Nephew’s birthday with my good friend Rachel. I love having low key but very fun hangouts that are fun for me AND my boys. 

April 3: 10k race ✅! On my list of goals for 2022 was to run a race. Today I ran the Cherry Blossom 10k with my family and some friends. It was a great temperature and very wet. Kind of like a cleansing as we ran in the rain. I LOVE this race every time and found myself smiling the ENTIRE time. This was once my race season kick off race. I ran it during both pregnancies so to do it this time brought all of those joyful feelings right back. It was such a great reminder for me to do more of what brings me joy. 

Family time at the Cherry Blossom 10k in Newark, NJ.

April 4: Time blocking was a success for me. It actually gave me more access to time. I started my day off with a focus meditation and stayed ON TASK. It felt so good to get to the end of the day with peace in knowing I wasn’t carrying anything over to the next day. 

April 5: I participate in a reflective processing group and tonight the facilitator asked where I get such encouraging words. As a person working on functioning in my knowing I was very grateful for that question. 

April 6: Even when days are a bit rough, as today was for me emotionally, it’s important to find the great things that happen. Tonight I was EXTREMELY grateful for my dad’s words of wisdom and the Chocolate Milk Cafe vibes to fill me with all kinds of energy.

April 7:today I FINALLY finished Module 4 of my 6Figure Author Blueprint program. I got STUCK for some weeks but after some advice from Ash Cash I was able to work through it. 

April 8: The beach makes me happy and today my job acknowledged Child Abuse Prevention Month with a pinwheel garden at the beach. 

April 9: baseball opening day for my youngest was loaded and long. The best part of it for me was connecting with a mom while working in the concession stand. We are both new to non-traditionally educating our children. YAY for connections for me and my children. 

Ok that’s my week of gratitude. Look for bonus posts every week with a focus on gratitude. I also encourage you to join me for the rest of this month by sharing your gratitude. The more good we find in our days, the more good finds it’s way to us.

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