Gratitude in April Post

April 10: Gratitude to @KoyaWebb and her bringing this into my life. F.E.A.R. = Face Everything And Rise. I had to do a journal entry on this one.

April 11: Seeing my boy lead chants and cheers in the dugout during his baseball game is the BEST part of the 2hour little league baseball game for me. He’s such a gatherer of people. 

April 12: We had a special visit from my cousin, DeeDee, today which is super rare and even more so during the work week. Having her in our home was lovely even with us both handling our own business separately. There’s a real power in the presence of positive energy.  

April 13: Today was so beautiful! Gratitude for the sun!

April 14: This was one of those rough days for me emotionally. Having a practice of gratitude is so useful on days like these. I was so grateful for my dad today and having a couple of people to talk to as I worked on grabbing at positivity today.

April 15: Having my mother nearby and excited to spend time with her grands is one of the BEST things in life. Today I’m grateful for her and the impromptu dinner with my cousin Dee and Aunt Shelly.

April 16: We found this delicious plant based restaurant in NYC today. P.S. Kitchen had some banging mushrooms and beet salad.

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