Gratitude in April

April 17: Some days I’m just grateful for the sun. Today was one of those days. 

April 18: It took me a while today but I found focus and for that I am grateful. 

April 19: This is ALWAYS a good day. I always feel the MOST connected to my PopPop on this day, his birthday and my brother’s birthday too. Today, I decided to get a reading and it was very affirming! I’m often THE roadblock for myself and it must change. So today I’m grateful for connection to myself, may ancestors, my brother’s 18th bday, and the desire to GO!

April 20: Happy 2nd birthday Chocolate Milk Cafe! Today we celebrated with the launch of the SPLASH course, a lactation basics course for Black expectant parents. We had an AMAZING conversation about using herbs and 420 during pregnancy, parenting, and breastfeeding. We finished the day with an open house that I got to co-host, and practice what I’m loving…facilitating conversations. 

April 21: Today I had a tough conversation at work. I’m grateful for my cool and accessing direct and clear communication. 

April 22: Girls night! Today I’m grateful for friends who can push me out of my comfort zone. Today I had fun and discomfort in the most loving environment. I felt cared for and caring, challenged and paused. In the end I wanted to be by myself, in silence and with my thoughts. For all of that I am grateful to have people in my life who can be WITH me in that space.

April 23: Gratitude for my boys’ connection on the playground, periodt.

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