So grateful for April

I wrapped up the month with so much good energy and drive to move forward. I’m on a mission to help people access more joy, good health, and wealth. Operation “own my time” AND “side hustle to business” is ON and POPPIN’. I have so many people in my corner supporting, coaching and guiding me to make moves that it’s impossible for me not to thrive. Stay tuned as I continue to share my journey to FREEDOM!! I’m excited to bring more ways to get support from me, be a part of my accountability groups, tap in to YOU, and grow in a community that WILL push you to the parts of you you may have forgotten were there. So stay tuned and be ready to get in on the goodness.

Here’s the last week of gratitude for you. I hope you took some time to practice gratitude this in April as well.

April 24: Today I felt the BEST after our KUZIBA JOY! session. I felt so confident and comfortable leading others through the meditation and gratitude activity. Standing in my power more and more these days. 

April 25: Happy birthday daddy. My father gets younger and younger every year. 

April 26: I’m grateful for my family!! My Aunt’s call to help with extra curricular drop offs so I wasn’t doing the runs across town to get everyone where they needed to be. 

April 27: I got a call today to submit a proposal for some meditation work. This year I’m striving to turn my bride hustle into an actual business and this call was confirmation that now is the time to DO IT!

April 28: Gratitude for winning a 1v1 basketball game with my 10year old, and having NO trouble walking after 🤣. 

April 29: Physics day at 6 Flags Great Adventure with the homeschool co-op I’d like to do more with was a BLAST! It was such a positive day and my boys’ comment “you weren’t even on your phone a lot” had me feeling good AND thinking deeply about being more intentional about MY phone free time.

April 30: Zayd had his first hit in baseball and stole 3rd base. The best part was the team’s excitement. Gratitude to coaches who strive to win AND emphasize fun, learning, and supporting each other as the priority.

Speaking of more offerings and opportunities to grow and connect. Keep an eye out for my next collaboration with my Aunt, CEO of Mosaic Coaching Solutions. You won’t want to miss this.

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