About Jillian

Jillian Faulks-Majuta, Founder & CEO of Majuta Wellness, is committed to improving the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. Looking beyond the physical component of wellness, she became certified in Kemetic Yoga through Master Yirser Ra Hotep with the YogaSkills Method. This journey led her to experience a sense of internal peace that she wants everyone to be able to access for themselves. Jillian is passionate about offering spaces for families to live their most fulfilling and joyFILLED lives from birth onward and all of her work is done through the lens of healing from trauma and finding strength within. Jillian has expanded her practice by offering Holistic Health Coaching (certified by the Legacy Holistic Health Institute), Prenatal Yoga and Corporate Well-Being Programs. Her mission is to learn, grow, and share ways to heal and elevate as a commUNITY.

Jillian is the mother of two young cubs living in Northern New Jersey and her life changed when she became their mom. It was during her breastfeeding journey that she felt she truly stepped into her womanhood. Breastfeeding and parenting helped Jillian ask many questions of herself, as a woman, about life in general, and also about parenting from a place of freedom. Many of her long-held traditions continue to be questioned and explored in ways that have helped her begin to work through challenges from her upbringing and has led to strengthened relationships with herself and with her family. Because of her pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting journey she has been called to be trained as a doula, childbirth educator, yoga instructor and holistic health coach. As she continues to live life, she expands each year and is committed to creating experiences for other parents to heal, ask many questions of themselves and to create a life that nourishes them while here on earth. Kuziba Wellness is a new brand and was created for Jillian to continue to learn, grow and share what she continues to learn on her journey to know more about herself, her children, community, food, money and life overall. She is a lover of all things family, travel and adventure. With pieces of her heart in Botswana, her ultimate vision is to learn, grow and share wellness practices across the globe.