So grateful for April

I wrapped up the month with so much good energy and drive to move forward. I’m on a mission to help people access more joy, good health, and wealth. Operation "own my time" AND "side hustle to business" is ON and POPPIN’. I have so many people in my corner supporting, coaching and guiding me [...]

Gratitude in April Post

April 10: Gratitude to @KoyaWebb and her bringing this into my life. F.E.A.R. = Face Everything And Rise. I had to do a journal entry on this one. April 11: Seeing my boy lead chants and cheers in the dugout during his baseball game is the BEST part of the 2hour little league baseball [...]

Grateful in April

Today, March 26, I enjoyed a beautiful “plan nothing day”. The best part of the day is I actually PLANNED NOTHING and did a lot of lounging without guilt. Transitions are challenging for me and moving from winter into spring can get really HEAVY. With the time change, more time to be outside, and an [...]

💰 Money Moves

My March Affirmation: “I have a budget. I am disciplined and stay on budget. Money flows abundantly as I move towards being debt free, financially free, and work optional.” Prior to December I was doing REALLY well with my budget, then my birthday came. (Yes I’m still talking about my birthday lol. 🤪) I usually [...]

Let’s Go 2022

HAPPINESS to you in the New Year! In my 38 years here on earth, I’ve become more and more curious about myself, my purpose and my ancestors. I’m not always sure about my path but I’ve found comfort in my curiosity. What I’ve realized is that curiosity is one of my values. It’s often expressed [...]

Keep Growing!

“I am the most important person in the world to me. I accept that person, I admire that person and I’ll do everything in my power to see that person’s dreams come true.” ~Ciara Lee (see the full TEDx here) November has been full of manifestation realization. Come through PopPop and Uncle Donald. November is [...]