Current Offerings

It’s time to get elevated. Thanks for your interests in Majuta Wellness offerings. Please note there are fewer than usual because I’m going back to school for an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling beginning Summer 2021.  YAY! Stay tuned for pop ups and more information about my journey and how what I learn will be added to my offerings. Be sure to reach out with any questions and to book any corporate, organizational or group sessions. See you soon!

Chocolate Milk Cafe

The Chocolate Milk Café is a Lactation support group where families that are part of the African Diaspora; who provide human milk to their children can gather in a sacred space to receive adequate support.

Fourth Thursday of each month | 6:30-8pm Eastern                                                                                                                          

Zoom Experience (2021)

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Kuziba Prenatal (2 Week Series)

Through these four sessions you will learn and practice breathing techniques, meditation, and movement to prepare you for birth.  Each session also includes an affirmation and wellness chat to keep you feeling peaceful, powerful and in honor of your body.  This two week series is offered the last 2 weeks of each quarter (March, June, September, December).

Stay tuned for future dates

Zoom Experience

Weekly Full Body Flow

Thanks to the City of Orange NJ I will be offering 8 weeks of yoga via zoom. Each week’s flow will be a creative vinyasa or Kemetic yoga flow that will lead to increased awareness in the body, help you reduce stress and be ready to move forward in life whole and well. Participants will learn flows that will create more awareness in the body on and off the mat.
While these experiences are physical and created for all levels, this is only part of the journey to bringing more wellness and rejuvenating energy into the body.

Stay tuned for the next series

Zoom Experience

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